Top 6 types of content every digital marketing agency should create

Every digital marketing agency will be aware by now of the need to be involved in the content marketing trend.   Creating effective online content is crucial   – not only as an offering for existing clients but to organically attract more visitors to your website, demonstrate your expertise and build brand trust, and even attract the best talent in the industry. Here’s our run-down of the six types of content that are essential for digital marketing, and why you need to be producing them. 1. Industry news Creating blog posts highlighting the latest industry news helps show that your agency is up to date with the latest happenings in the world of digital marketing. To add real value, include decent commentary or insider evaluation – when done well, you can also end up becoming a leading source of industry information and insight. This will also help you attract the best talent for your team. Lacking inspiration? Carefully search the news for your sector and write up what you find usin